Sam Cosby

Sam Cosby - 

Sam began his excursion of the Arts at the age of 14. One day his mother blatantly told him, “You’re going to be a bum for the rest of your life… Pick a career”

He proved the first half of that statement wrong a couple of days later when he picked up the Bass Guitar. Within two days of getting it, he began playing. It was a wrap. His passion had found him.

 In addition to being a master bassist, Sam is an all-around composer. Even though, he originally taught himself how to play the bass by ear, he studied music in college. He was also a bandsman in the United States Marine Corp for 3 years. He has gone on to learn music in its many aspects. Sam has dissected music from the depth of its vibrations, to the way it plays on one’s emotions.  He particularly took a liking to Jazz.  He produced his first album, “Blue Dreams” in 2002.

Fatherhood played a pivotal role in the evolution of Sam Cosby in more than one way.  While shopping in Barnes and Noble one day, Sam’s son asked to hear a story. When Sam went to find a book, his son protested. He wanted to hear something fresh and original. He wanted to hear a story that only his dad could tell. It started off as a simple free styled story about a beetle.  The story developed more and more right before bedtime that day after. His son kept asking, “What happens next?” Ceruladons didn’t become an actual tangible piece of work until one day; his son told him that he wanted to read it as a book. Not only did he make that book, He created a whole series.